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Frequently Ask Questions:

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How many RV Sites do you have?

We have 100 RV Sites available. All 100 are 90 feet long pull-through sites with Full Hook Up Service.


How many RV sites are 50amp, 30amp, & Pull-through?

  • All 100 RV Sites are 90 foot long Pull-Through sites
  • 35 sites have 50amp service
  • 65 sites have 30 amp service
  • All 100 RV Sites have Water, Power, & Sewer

Do you have room for Rally Groups, Family Reunions, or Weddings?

A new Recreation Hall was built in 2007 that seats about 100 people. Amenities include an audio-visual system with 100″ projector screen, 88 chairs, 25 tables, bathrooms, wifi, heating & cooling, coffee maker, refrigerator, and sink.

The Rec Hall allows us to host numerous rally groups per year, as well as a number of family reunion, auctions, and company meetings. As of 2017 we no longer host weddings.

Book 15 RV sites with us to receive special pricing on the Rec Hall!


Can we soak in the Hot Springs?

Yes! We have a pump on the shore of Hot Lake, next door, that pulls water directly from the hot springs source. We collect the water at around 171F and pump it to the property and it is used to heat all the buildings on the property, heat our domestic water for showers, and for soaking. The Warm Soaking Pool is kept between 92-96F & the Hot Soaking Pool is kept between 102-104F. The Mineral Pools are open seasonally from May to September. (Sometimes open later in the season, call for more info.) Soaking is available year-round with the rental of one of our yurts with private soaking facilities.



Do you have Wifi?

On June 1, 2016 we upgraded to a dedicated wireless connection that has speeds capable of 20Mbps to 40Mbps.

The next upgrade planned for Summer 2019 is more access points. An RV is like a metal cage that keeps electrical signals both from getting in & from getting out. More access points will allow for better communication with electronics inside your RV.

As with all internet service, it can have good days & bad days. But we understand a good internet connection is important & needed for both work & play. Please come and enjoy all our amenities and stay a while longer to get your work done & stream some movies!


Are you an eco-friendly resort?

Grande Hot Springs Resort has numerous eco-friendly systems!

Geothermal Heating – The hot springs water is collected at 171F and is then used to heat all the buildings on-site, and all the domestic water (meaning the water you use to wash your hands & shower in). This means we have very low use (if not any) of fossil fuels or electricity for any heating needs.

Environmentally Friendly Waste Disposal – Using only pumps & sunlight to dispose of sewage! Our waste disposal system uses large ponds to collect water & effluent. This allows sunlight and microorganisms to breakdown the waste & evaporate the water. Every 30 years or so, the organic matter that is left from the biologic process is provided to farmers for use as a fertilizer!


Do you have cable TV?

We do not have cable TV available. There are numerous digital TV stations available over the air. We are also working so our internet service can provide streaming video services as well.


Can we have campfires?

Wood camp fires are not allowed in RV sites. Propane firepits are allowed in RV sites, provided they are elevated and don’t scorch the ground.

There are two (2) communal campfire areas for guests to enjoy, with firewood provided (subject to burn restrictions).

Our tent sites are being upgraded with fire rings. Call to find out what tent sites have fire rings added.


Can we put a tent in our RV site?

We have 2 RV sites available that we allow tents in. RV and Tent Fees apply to these sites. Please call or email for availability, they book fast!